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1)        Our web site shall only provide a common internet based web platform for the manufacturers/service providers & Individuals to show case their products & or services.

2)        Display of products & or services on our internet based web platform of “Warehouse Junction” can only be done by a written & signed registration process and on payment of registration charges as prescribed from time to time.  Registration charges once paid shall be non-refundable.

3)        We shall strictly adhere to the directives of the Govt. Of India including but not limited to any applicable laws of Govt. Of India as amended from time to time, restricting display of objectionable/banned or restricted products & or services (For Ex: products or services using child labour for manufacturing or providing services).

4)        We shall not register any products or services for display on our internet based web based platform which relate directly or indirectly to any religious and or political purpose.

5)        Correctness  &  authenticity of the data, pictures & or videos provided to us at the time of registration shall be the sole & only responsibility of the  companies, manufacturers, Service providers & or individuals as the case may be and not of our company “Technocom Logistics & Industrial Services LLP”

6)        Please refer & accept our return policy and privacy policy before registration with us for display of your products & or services.

7)        Attending  &  resolving any customer’s complaints for any of products & or services displayed on our internet web based platform “Warehouse Junction” through our organisation shall be the sole responsibility of the registered company, manufacturer, Service provider & or individuals and not of our company “Technocom Logistics & Industrial Services LLP”.

8)        We “Technocom Logistics & Industrial Services LLP” reserve & right to refuse registration of any product/s or service/s unconditionally.

9)        Logos & or trademarks of products & or services registered on our internet based web site shall belong to the respective companies/Service providers & or individuals and they only shall be the owner of their logo & or Trademark.

10)      While all the required measures shall be taken by us to protect the data so registered on our “Warehouse Junction” internet web based platform.  We uses safe hosting environment with 256 bit data encryption.

Typically, 256-bit encryption is used for data in transit, or data traveling over a network or Internet connection. Also our site run on standard SSL. SSL Stands for secure sockets layer. Protocol for web browsers and servers that allows for the authentication, encryption and decryption of data sent over the Internet.

11) Renewal & or continuation of display of data provided at the time of initial registration shall solely based on payment of applicable registration extension/renewal charges within 15 days of expiry of the original period of registration.

12)      Changes of the data after registration shall not be permitted after registration is completed and displayed on our data base on the web site. However, at the time of renewal/extension of the registration period, we would permit one time changes/amendments in the product pictures/data & videos within the same type & size of data.

13)      Addition of the data/pictures & or videos after registration shall be permitted by us to the extent possible & only if feasible, at extra charges as per our tariff.

14)      We Technocom Logistics & Industrial Services LLP shall not be liable to any degradation of browsing experience / temporary down time etc. due to reasons not attributable to us.

15)      Please do not divulge your “Log In” password to any third party whatsoever, neither our company nor its employees will ever ask for any password from you.

16)      Complains if any for our service of providing a data base shall only be accepted by us in written form, as per complain form available on our web site. All efforts shall be made to resolve the complains as early as possible, however we need a period of 3 weeks at minimum to reply our findings & communication.

17)      Any claim on us & or dispute with us shall be subject to the jurisdiction of local courts of Vadodara in the state of Gujarat, India.

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